vídeos: kids

This an unofficial, tribute video for MGMT. I tried to make a "viral" music video filled with clips that had that that feel of youtube idiosyncrasy (and most if which relate to dancing) since MGMT first became popular through viral, internet means and I figured the concept fit.

The guy and the girl are not MGMT, but they are part of another techno-pop group. Due to the popularity of this video, they'd prefer not to mention the name of their band just yet, but you'll know sometime in the next few weeks.

Mientras más escucho el Oracular Spectacular, más me gusta. Creo que estoy un poco enganchada. Es verdad que todo el disco no está a la altura de Time to pretend, Kids o Electric feel, pero aún así... Fui a buscar un vídeo a YouTube, aprovechando que anoche pusieron el de Time to pretend en FlyMusic, y me encontré con este vídeo de homenaje. Y, sorprendentemente, me pareció que no estaba mal.

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